Treatment Room Rental

Peace of Werk is a community of intentional Healers that use a wide range of modalities and treatment styles.  We are Healers with unconditional compassion, living with generous authenticity. Does this sound like a healing community you would like to join and build your practice?

Build your practice, in an easeful community!

Tune your healing style, while maintaining a sense of community,
to incorporate healing work into your lifestyle.

Sublease Request Form

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Rental Rates

$15 per hour, for monthly rental ($3.75 per actual hour)
$10 per hour, for ad hoc* rental

*2 hour minimum per rental period


Commitment Requirements

6 month minimum for monthly rental
Current Liability Insurance

Current Room Availability

Monday.......... any hours
Tuesday......... any hours
Wednesday.... morning - 1:45pm
Thursday........ no hours
Friday............ 3:30pm - evening
Saturday......... any hours
Sunday........... any hours

Current as of 9/24/2019








Be YoU

Tell us who you are!  Be authentic.  What fulfills your journey to heal and help others.