What is Eudaimon Healing?

Basic Treatment Length

Full Body Massage, 70 - 120 minutes*

Booster Session, 40 - 55 minutes*

Intensive Healing Treatment, 120 - 180 minutes*

*Actual time varies within session range as per our flexible time session

The Structure

Eudaimon Healing refers to the session structure; All Inclusive Flexible Time Session.  We believe the industry branded 60minute Full Body massage is an unrealistic one-size fits all paradigm.  To receive therapeutic level treatment on the full body a minimum of 70minutes is required.  What is included in your session? Any modality your Healer is capable and trained to offer!  Visit Our Healers page to learn more.

Flexible Time Session

We do not adhere to hard session times (60, 75, 90 minutes), rather focus on the fullness of the treatment session and accomplishing the goals for your massage. When scheduling your session, you book how inclusive you would like your massage to be: Full Body Massage, Booster Session aka. focused work, Intensive Healing Treatment.  Upon arrival you may limit your session if you have a financial or scheduling constraint.

All Inclusive: Cost per minute versus by service

We encourage the wide use of our Healers' trained massage modalities and treatment specialties; such as, hot stone, deep tissue, aromatherapy, myofascial release, cupping, and many more!  To enable use of this wide technique range we do not charge extra, session time is always $1/minute or $300/month for Massage Membership.  Our goal is to assist you in reaching optimum wellness and achieving your session goals, not confining to a session time or service limit.