Healer Career Opportunities

Peace of Werk is a community of intentional Healers focused on increasing ease and flourishment of life through therapeutic massage therapy and bodywork sessions.  We approach treatment session with a unique and original flexible format that encourages a wide use of modalities and treatment styles.  We are Healers with unconditional compassion, living with generous authenticity.

Like your own practice, but better!

Practice The massage Sessions you love, with the length of session you need,
offered at a time that aligns with your lifestyle.

Focus your time and energy on cultivating massage sessions that empower you as a Healer and Peace of Werk attends to business operations.  All the benefits of self-employment without the extra office work.  Our flexible Eudaimon Healing format allows you practice exactly the type of bodywork and speciality modalities you love.


Healer Position Request Form

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Healer Perks

Flexible Scheduling
30-minute Session Breaks
Long Full Body Sessions
Client Contact Encouraged
Monthly Tandem Trade Sessions
Healer Individuality Promoted

Commission Rates

Full Body Treatment, $30-$50
Booster Session, $20-$25
Intensive Healing*, $75
Event Service, $25-$30 per hour

*Requires Additional Training


Commitment Requirements

18month Service Commitment

Current LMT Licensure and Liability Insurance

Must Satisfy Two*:
Evening .... 4pm - Late
Daytime ... Morning - 4pm
Weekend .. Saturday/Sunday

*Not applicable for Onsite Chair Massage service. 




High Priority Openings

Special event

Onsite Chair Massage, Days and Hours Vary

Bedford Square













Be YoU

Tell us who you are!  Be authentic.  What fulfills your journey to heal and help others.