Short notice cancellation Policy

At Peace of Werk we understand that life happens, and we are not always able to honor all the commitments we had extended ourselves to.  However, when you cancel a session within 24-hours it impedes our ability to reschedule that session time.  To balance this we charge a Short Notice Cancellation Fee to extend a modest commission to your Healer for their time and a small amount to cover the expenses of the unfilled room time. A No Call, No Show session we charge the full session price for failure to inform us and failure to respond to communication.  When you schedule a session we commit to offering a healing session, please respect the commitment you made to be present.

Additional information and Fees

At Peace of Werk we ask for a minimum 24-hour advance cancellation notice.  Appointment day cancellation or no show will be subject to a cancellation fee.  If you need to cancel or re-schedule your appointment please use your online account or call your healer directly; 855.608.WERK (9375) press # for healer directory or find phone number is reminder email.  Cancellations made by e-mail will not be accepted.  All fees must be paid before you may receive services again at Peace of Werk.  Failure to adhere to policies and fees will not result in a refund for membership, nor is Peace of Werk liable for services not rendered due to failure to pay policy fees.

Appointment day cancellations or a session no show will be subject to the following cancellation fee:

Booster Session Short Notice Cancellation Fee: $25
Booster Session No Show Fee: $50

Full Body Treatment Short Notice Cancellation Fee: $50
Full Body Treatment No Show Fee: $100

Intensive Healing Short Notice Cancellation Fee: $100
Intensive Healing No Show Fee: $200